Thursday, August 28, 2008

September 2nd

School will be starting in a week. I am excited with the class schedule I have and I am just all around excited to be going to Columbia. There are a few things, financially, that I need to work out still, but I cannot let it stop me from attending this year. I waited a long time to come to Columbia. I have waited through chemotherapy, through community college, through an art academy, but I have always wanted to go to Columbia from the beginning. Other schools may be better or cheaper, but something about this school always spoke to me.

I was lucky enough to get my classes consolidated into two days a way: Monday & Wednesday. My Mondays are packed with 3 classes from 8 am to 6 pm with only 10 minute intervals between them. Wednesday is more relaxed with 2 classes with at least an hour and a half break between them. So far I am taking History of Cinema, Art History II: Renaissance to Present, Preproduction & Developement: Animation Emphasis, Animation I, and an Evolving Vertebrates class to cover a Science General Ed. requirement.

I am excited and determined to do the best I can for these classes. Not only am I paying a lot for this schooling, but what I do in these classes and the work I produce represents me as a film maker to my professors, colleagues, and future connections. So I am shooting to produce the best work I can, not only to prove to others my capabilities, but also to prove to myself that this is something I can do and hopefully be good at it.

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