Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ecclesia Update

I have finished my first draft of the pilot episode to Ecclesia, and I must say it is junk. Aside from the fact that I am proud to have stuck through it enough to write it out in such a short amount of time and to have it tie together better than I had hoped, it really needs some work. I know that a lot of formatting is off, because while I was writing it, I just wanted to put it down and didn't worry so much about how I worded certain things or typos. Some scenes seem unnecessary and others I just don't like how the scene unfolded. The characters don't seem crafted well enough. I know for a fact I cut to the ending too quick. I think my first order of business is to go back a write MORE. I shouldn't worry how long the script is at first. I can always cut back later. I also worry that it isn't interesting because as of right now the most exciting element happens in the middle of the script. I have nothing towards the end to really stick. Anyways, you can see for yourself at my Celtx Ecclesia page.

I have never seen myself as a writer, but if I want to make anything of my own, I've got to write something. So I better get used to this! What I really am excited for is beginning character designs and storyboards!

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