Friday, August 1, 2008


Ian Escher is a high school student who is afraid of death. He is often struck with severe anxiety whenever he daydreams of getting hit by a car or falling of a bridge. Otherwise, Ian lives a fairly uneventful life and most his days are spent doing nothing with his best friend Rachel Kirby. One afternoon, the peace between the U.S. and an invading country, Ecclesia, is broken, and havoc descends upon Ian's hometown. After accidentally stumbling into a battle in which the enemy uses extraordinary supernatural powers, Ian is rescued by a military group called the ECC and labeled as a person of interest. Already traumatized by his near death experience, he further discovers that he was kidnapped when he was young and was originally the property of the ECC! Ian soon realizes the true horror of his situation when the ECC recruits him to fight in the war, as their long lost secret weapon...

... Early synopsis of something I am currently working on.

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