Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Day Drawing CHALLENGE!!! - Day 01

For each day of the next 30 days, draw the sequence of this list:

1. yourself
2. Fav animal
3. fav food
4. Fav place
5. best friend
6. fav book
7. fav movie
8. fav. animated char.
9. Fave tv show
10. fav candy
11.turning point in yourlife
12. most recent accomplishment
13. comic
14. fav fairytale
15. family picture
16. inspiration
17. fav plant
18. just a plain 'ole doodle. break day!
19. something new
20. something orange
21. something you want
22. something you miss
23. something you need
24. a couple
25. scenery
26. something you dont like
27. someone you love
28. anything. wild card day!
29. place you want to go
30. Congrats banner for yourself actually doing this.

Day 01 Sumbission:

It's a quicky sketch, I know, but it'll get me started.
Can you guess what tomorrow's submission will be of?


T-McCandless said...

doesnt have to be anything more than a quick one, just as long as it's there at all!
A+ :D:D:D

Melinda said...


S-Harkey said...

lol- its yooooooOOOOoooou!