Tuesday, March 2, 2010

APS Progress

So, we are in the thicket of the first semester Animation Production Studio. Things are heating up too. We've already noticed some slackers and some creative hogs. Well, I just want to make what I am working on for the film the best stuff I can! Here are some working model sheets awaiting approval from the rest of the group:

While I want to stick with a cartoony style for the 2D portion, I want to play with how it is viewed since it is a "memory" from the main character (CG). Below is a few drawings from artist Mark Tennant.

His way of expressing detail with very little actual detail applied reminds me of something else.

Please pardon the parody.

I feel this resembles what I think of as a dream, never concentrating on every detail at once, but many details here and there. Now it depends on the feasibility of making this work with only three 2D animators and a limited amount of time.

Heres to high hopes!

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