Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Animation Resource HUNT

okay. So I've been scouring the internet looking for some good animation resources to use as independent study tools, and I've been finding some pretty interesting stuff! It took some time to find where this kind of stuff would be stashed, but I found a lot of very useful material in the blogs of working animators! I first tried looking at college and teacher websites, hoping that materials would be posted for students, but nada. Instead I somehow stumbled upon on animators blog, which had links to many other blogs. So I found a wealth of animation information! I'll post some of the blogs here so anyone can track down these findings.

I found some interesting hand poses and model sheets at this blog:
I also found a great pdf on the Animopus blog of Walt Stanchfield's Gesture Drawing for Animators!

here is an animator who was working on Coraline and some other Disney projects, AND is an instructor at Cal-Arts:
Hand Drawn Nomad
Check the archives of this blog, there are some great technique tutorials for animation

This next blog, don't let the front page fool you. Check out the different categories and you'll find some interesting animation stuff:
Lost in the Plot
Also check out his links of friend, I found more interesting animation blogs through that!

This blog's name explains it all. It has some great concept art, character designs and storyboard art for many different animation projects:
Character Design
I especially liked seeing the storyboards to the first few scenes of UP

This next blog is one for working animators:
TAG Blog

This blog only has some simple tutorials, but it is interesting:
Angry Animator

Here is a site that is posted notes from SIGGRAPH 94 class with John Lasseter on Animation Tricks

This is a link to a forum with a list of helpful links that led me to find some of these interesting blogs.

This is also an interesting blog with old Disney artwork and probably more, but I have yet to dive into it deeper:
The Blackwing Diaries

Here's a great site with animation tips & tricks. It is hosted by's founders and provides some interesting information:
Animation Tips & Tricks

Also, even though is predominantly computer animation, there are some great reference materials on their site. Look for their free downloadable Tips & Tricks PDF, both vol. 1 & vol. 2.

Well there's a start! I hope anyone who stops by that is interested in animation will check these places out. They're worth the time!

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