Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fall 2009 Class Schedule

26-2075 01 Digital Aniamtion Techniques I, S. Perkins, Monday 9a - 11:50a

26-3050 01 Acting for Animators, F. Maugeri, Monday 3:30p - 6:20p

26-2030 02 Stop-Motion Animation, D. Crisanti, Monday 6:30p - 9:20p

26-2010 01 Animation Camera & Sound, B. Young, Wednesday 9a - 11:50a

51-1330 03 Japanese I, B. Traczyk, Monday & Wednesday 1p - 2:50p

I am really excited for these classes. I know I will have fun in Frank Maugeri's Acting for Animators class. In Camera & Sound is where we learn timing on dope sheets and start dealing with sound and lip sync. 

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