Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mid Semester Update

It has been a while since I've blogged here. Well, the Spring Semester is almost half-way through and it has been a pretty intense one. It's also be very aggravating. My Classes this semester are as follows:
Animation History
Screenwriting I
Drawing For Animation
Animation Story Board Concept & Design

Animation History is a blast. The teacher is fun, and we get to watch cartoons for the entire class! The most interesting one to date was this last class. We were discussing Censorship, Racism, and WWI cartoons. We watched Disney's "The Winged Scourge"

Well, that was nothing compared to what the teacher showed us next... no intro, just watch...

Again, no comment. So...

In Screenwriting, We've been putting together a short film screenplay of 6-8 minutes based on an unexpected discovery. I was having trouble at first, but after a few revisions, the teacher has told it is one of the best in the class. That's cool, but I don't even like the thing... lol. This class has a lot of restrictions on what you can write about: no monsters, no aliens, no creatures of any kind, nothing out of the norm, has to be character driven and dialogue driven. It still has been fun. The teacher took a bit to get used to since he's an old Romanian, he has this thick accent which makes communication between students and teacher difficult.

Drawing for Animation has be my hardest class in workload and emotional hardship. I am a little disappointing by the teacher. Other classes of Drawing for Animation are really breaking down the information technically to assist students in animating. Our teacher just simple gives us a hand out with no break down. Just a visual representation of a walk and no further explanation. ::Sigh:: It has been getting better though... I've just had to do a lot of SELF teaching in order to get the results I want. But Damnit... If I am paying $16,000 a year for someone to make me self teach myself... I'd be pissed. I am pissed. Aww.. but screw it... I've been rolling out some of the better animations in the class, and have been attentive of any loose materials left by other classes. I think I'll be alright.

Animation Storyboard Concept & Design is an okay class. Most of the class is nothing though. We often are waiting for the teacher to get back from an errand or a break. She's a nice teacher, but sometimes the class feels disjointed and all over the place. She has also had a problem of precisely conveying what she wants of us. But its okay, since she isn't a harsh grader. But in a way, I wish she was a harsh grader, so I know exactly what I need to work on.

So anyways, that's the update in a nutshell. Midterms are coming up, so we'll see how they turn out!!!

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